The PROLIMPIC MUSTANG LX2 Boccia ramp is the first Boccia ramp mass produced in Poland. The ramp is made entirely of aluminum and polycarbonate, using the PROLIMPIC HIGH TECHNOLOGY CNC. The stand is made of steel and aluminum, with elements milled and rolled with CNC. It consists of 3 elements: the base connected to the stand and 2 easily attached additional elements. Such a system makes it possible to play effectively both in short and long distances. The ramp’s sides are made of precisely cut aluminum, whereas the ramp’s bottom is made from highest quality polycarbonate. The well configured system of bearings provides a smooth circumvolution of the stand, which makes it significantly easier to play and aim precisely. Thanks to the good profiling and optimal wall height the ramp provides a powerful ejection, which makes it possible to play effectively near the back line of the court. The ramp turns smoothly and retains stability during the ejection of the balls. The innovative connections allow the quick addition and removal of the attachments, which allows time saving on the court.

The ramp’s bottom is milled to eject the balls from the starting pad smoothly. The starting pad is rolled in such a way that the ball falling from it doesn’t lose the set throw direction while rolling in the axle. The ramp is fully in accordance with the BISFED standards. The Mustang LX3 Sport Ramp can be provided with a professional custom sized transport case – which provides a safe transport when traveling by air thanks to safe compartments and a cantilever inside the case, which prevents the flattening of the case during transport. The case consists of locks with a possibility to hang a padlock. In an additional option we provide a custom laser engrave on the sides of the ramp. We provide a 1 year warranty. Weight of the ramp: 13 kg. Weight of the case: 14 kg.

PROLIMPIC BOCCIA HEAD POINTER CHAMPION RX320 is the first Boccia helmet mass produced in Poland. it is characterised by: – an ergonomic shape – the construction’s lightness – light elastic and highly durable material execution – a full range of sizes from S to L – an innovative pointer mounting system in a form of a black-coated aluminium socket to which various types of pointers with a ¼ inch thread can be fastened – the pointer’s length is 50 cm – an innovative module system allows for pointer connection and shortening in a way to achieve an optimal length (accuracy of 2 cm) – a pointer has a big range of movement in each axis, it is made of a couple of modules connected together – the helmet has an antibacterial band, which can be washed after an intensive training or tournament for refreshment.

The Boccia Champion rx320 helmet is a verified light and solid construction significantly simplifying the game for demanding users. It ideally suits users playing integrative and professional sport. It makes long boccia trainings even more enjoyable.