best boccia ramps

New Year 2023 and new challenges with the Prolimpic Brand

we are pleased to announce that we are launching in the first quarter of 2023 a new line of products for Paralympic champions in boccia these will be new and tested boccia ramps designed for the best atleets in BC3 category The best measure of product quality and effectiveness is the number of gold medals […]

We know almost everything about boccia

Our team consists of the most experienced specialists in boccia , some of us have been dealing with boccia for 30 years. that’s why our constructions have been forged through years of experience and observation of the world’s top BC3 players. Main constructor Prolimpic brand is Damian Iskrzycki BC3 category champion, player, trainer and graduate […]

Prolimpic – Official Sponsor of the Poznan 2023 World Boccia Intercontinental Challenger

We are proud to announce that the prolimpic brand and our have become the official sponsors of Poznan 2023 World Boccia Intercontinental Challenger. It will be the biggest boccia competition in Europe under the auspices of BISfed. Once again you will see our equipment in action on intercontinental courts. Our ramps are made of […]

How are highest quality ramps created?

How are highest quality ramps created? Our ramps are created from the best specially selected materials – providing the best resistance, precision and ejection force during a match. To maintain high efficiency during a match for a long time, the ramps must be resistant to temperature and humidity, that’s why their frames are made for […]