Prolimpic – Official Sponsor of the Poznan 2023 World Boccia Intercontinental Challenger

We are proud to announce that the prolimpic brand and our distributor have become the official sponsors of Poznan 2023 World Boccia Intercontinental Challenger. It will be the biggest boccia competition in Europe under the auspices of BISfed. Once again you will see our equipment in action on intercontinental courts. Our ramps are made of passion and many years of experience. we know almost everything about boccia. We use Prolimpic High technology CNC for the production of ramps, each ramp is hand assembled and inspected before shipment. The materials are carefully selected.

this year you will also have the opportunity to test our products and see how they perform on the courts of one of the most prestigious competitions after this season during the Poznan Intercontinental Boccia 2023 18-25 August 2023

Prolimpic – We know you can!

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